• UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) encourages International peace and universal respect for human rights by promoting International collaboration among nations
  • MGIEP (Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Educational for Peace and Sustainable Development) is an integral part of UNESCO which encourages education for peace and development
  • The core idea and vision of MGIEP is to encourage Global Citizenship and get all communities and religions come together, both on Domestic and International levels

The Challenge

UNESCO had a deep understanding and knowledge, study and survey about education, peace, sustainable development and global citizenship and thus wanted to do a worldwide campaign on it. The Idea was to spread its message all over the world to increase awareness among different audiences. UNESCO had a rough glance of how the message should get circulated but then there had to be a bigger/broader idea to sale this through.

The Big Idea

ComDez understood the requirement and need of the initiative and proposed the project’s name as BLUE DOT which came from Carl Sagan lines, as once he said-“PALE BLUE DOT: A VISION OF THE HUMAN FUTURE IN SPACE”. With this, ComDez took an initiative called BLUE DOT which later hit the mark all over the world.

  • ComDez introduced an idea to launch a magazine named as BLUE DOT which refers to a meaning – A place with no boundaries.
  • Idea of unique design with info graphics and impactful visual communication was implemented for better knowledge of the readers.
  • An integrated website was made for this initiative using the latest technology of Metro UI. Articles published on the website were relevant with a same behaviour plus point. (SEO)
  • BLUE DOT magazine was also distributed online on digital news stands, social media forms with the intention of great circulation.

The Acknowledged Publication

BLUE DOT featured articles showcasing UNESCO MGIEP’s activities and areas of interest. The magazine’s overarching theme is the relationship between education, peace, sustainable development and global citizenship. BLUE DOT’s role is to engage with readers on these issues in a jolly and interactive manner. The magazine is designed to address audiences across generations and walks of life, thereby taking the discourse on education for peace, sustainable development and global citizenship beyond academia, civil society organisations and governments, to the actual stakeholders.

The Acknowledged Publication

BLUE DOT magazine was launched in Paris and got recommended by officials. The magazine connected itself with a mass number of people on a mass level towards global citizenship. Thus the connection with numerous people generated a lot of positivity towards global citizenship and analytics. Magazine gained a lot of appreciation and a feeling of sincerity towards this global initiate.