The Terraces

Brand Objective: The Terraces being located at a secluded place called Kanatal happens to be one of the best eco-tourism luxury resort across the himalayas. Made with humungous efforts, the resort is being done with utmost concentration respect for nature. The objective was to sell the experience than the well-furnished rooms and service. Unlike other resorts in the same category, The Terraces wanted to focus on the the kind of experiences attached within and beyond the property.

The Challenge

ComDez Communications suggested a 360 degrees digital strategy using design and technology. ComDez designed some campaign specific creatives and increased the traffic on Facebook and other social channels. These campaigns were done in the form of mailers, video content, improving UI / website, specific creatives for social platforms and some in resort creative kits / stationary. Comedy also designed and executed a Bloggers Meet at the resort, engaging top 15

The Big Idea

  • Started with the basic research and planning of campaigns
  • Acted as a brand consultant to improve the overall image of the brand
  • Utilised the brand identity and synergised the overall communication after defining the growth path
  • Made the brand ad the experience look powerful and extra ordinary big than anything else
  • As a result, The Terraces started getting seen and felt as a eco friendly, responsible tourism resort
  • The resort started getting more attention and entered the consideration set strongly on social platforms, review and booking platforms etc.
  • The same brought in traffic to the resort and improved the occupancy status upto 30%