UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) encourages International peace and universal respect for human rights by promoting International collaboration among nations | MGIEP (Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Educational for Peace and Sustainable Development) is an integral part of UNESCO which encourages education for peace and development | The core idea and vision of MGIEP is to encourage Global Citizenship and get all communities and religions come together, both on Domestic and International levels

The Terraces

The Terraces being located at a secluded place called Kanatal happens to be one of the best eco-tourism luxury resort across the himalayas. Made with humungous efforts, the resort is being done with utmost concentration respect for nature. The objective was to sell the experience than the well-furnished rooms and service. Unlike other resorts in the same category, The Terraces wanted to focus on the the kind of experiences attached within and beyond the property.

Lounge Cricket

Cricket Lounge. The passionate idea was born to create an unmatched unique experience like never before for the people of all age groups. Objective was to create the communication which can deliver an engaging experience to the audiences of Lounge Cricket. The same would be able to increase the awareness and drive in more traffic towards the events and activities the brand has to offer.

Leh berry

Leh Berry used to be one of the market leaders in beverages industry almost a decade back. Brand had its footsteps established but stopped its market operations after a certain period of time. It’s one of the rarest juice / beverages brand making juices with the goodness of seabuckthorn (ultra nutritious miraculous king of berries). The brand has re-started its operations with a super fresh, energetic appeal. Unlike many other juice brands which are orange and yellow in colour communication, the brand wanted to stand out and reflect its USPs through its communication.